Psychology Faculty


Julienne Bower
(310) 794-7838

Professor Bower’s research focuses broadly on mind-body interactions among individuals confronting stressful life events, particularly diagnosis with life-threatening illnesses such as cancer. One area of her research examines how positive psychological factors, such as benefit finding, positive affect, and goal engagement, influence physical health, with a focus on the biological pathways that link positive psychological states and health outcomes.

Mind-Body Research Lab

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Chris Dunkel Schetter
Co-Chair/Distinguished Professor

Professor Dunkel Schetter’s research focuses on stress processes in pregnancy and effects on maternal physical and mental health and infant health and development. She is also interested in biopsychosocial pathways to preterm delivery and low birthweight as well as cultural and socioeconomic influences health and health disparities and social support.

Stress Processes and Pregnancy Lab

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Rena Repetti
(310) 206-9290

Professor Repetti studies stress and coping processes in the family. Her work points to the overriding importance of the family social and emotional environment for the health and well being of parents and children, and to the dynamic interplay between an individual’s efforts to cope with daily stressors and patterns of family interaction.

Repetti Lab

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Theodore Robles
(310) 794-9362

Professor Robles’s research involves understanding how stress and social relationships influence health, with a focus on allostatic biological processes, which help individuals achieve physiological stability during stressful events; and restorative biological processes, which aid the individual in recovering after stressful events.

Relationships and Health Lab

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Annette Stanton

Professor Stanton’s research centers on specifying factors that help and hinder individuals as they adjust to health-related adversity. She is interested in testing theories of stress and coping and related conceptual models in individuals and couples confronting cancer, reproductive problems, and other stressors.

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A. Janet Tomiyama
Associate Professor
(310) 206-6875

Professor Tomiyama studies the intersection between eating behavior and stress. Her research examines the potentially negative psychological and biological consequences of weight stigma and dieting, as well as the efficacy of comfort eating.

Dieting, Stress, Health (DiSH) Lab

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